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    Our Pipe Relining Solutions

    Pipe inspection

    With the use of high tech drain cameras, we investigate what's inside your pipe to locate the problem. Once we identify the damage or blockage, solid blockages in the pipe are removed with a robotic cutter that cuts through anything. It will be cleaned of any debris and clogs with a high-pressure jet washer. Pipes must be cleaned thoroughly before relining to ensure that there is a good bond between the old pipe and the outside of the new lining.

    Inserting the Lining Material

    Pipe relining used a special tool with compressed air to enter the liner into the pipe. During this process, the compressed air inverts the lining and the resin-impregnated material is now on the outside and pressed into the damaged piped. We then wait for the resin to cure and turns into a protective coating along the pipe. Once the damaged pipe is completely lined, we clear out the junctions and inspection pits with a grinder or robotic cutter.

    Final Inspection

    Once the damaged pipe is fully relined, we carry out a final check with our drain camera. This is to ensure that the pipe is fully covered, as good as new, and has 50+ years of protection.

    Our Services

    Blocked Sewer Services

    Blocked sewers are a serious nuisance slowing down your work, leaving residue and odor, and giving you lots of headaches. You don’t have to worry about your blocked sewer anymore, for we have the solutions. The blocked sewer services offered ....

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    Pipe Relining Sydney

    Damaged pipes are the hardest to repair because it involves digging up the lawn, locating the damage, and replacing the pipe. It’s messy, expensive, and takes longer to finish. That is the traditional way of repairing pipes. What if there is a better solution....

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    Blocked Drains Sydney

    Blocked drains can be a real headache; however, if you caught and dealt with the issue before it became a problem, it won’t be. This problem is easy to fix, and you will avoid more significant problems like leaks, overflows, or electrical damage if they are....

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    Commercial Pipe Relining Sydney

    It’s time to consider commercial pipe relining Sydney. This method is a faster and cheaper alternative to traditional pipe replacement. Instead of disrupting your business for a considerable number of days, the problem is solved efficiently, in less than a day....

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    Trenchless Pipe Relining Sydney

    Every time our piping systems need repairs, the first thing that will come into our mind is the traditional solution – dig on the ground, locate the damage, and replace the pipes. This method is not very ideal. You have to destroy the landscape, floors, walls, or ....

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    The 'no dig, no mess' solution to repairing damaged pipes

    Don’t Wait to Solve Your Piping Issue.

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    4 Reviews

    October 11, 2019
    photo.jpg2 | A | Civic Relining

    Chris was very polite, easy to talk to and super reliable. Got the job done very fast and was good value for money. Thanks Chris!

    - A
    October 11, 2019
    photo4 | Charles Glaspole | Civic Relining

    Chris did a great job. On time, worked fast and handled it all perfectly.

    - Charles Glaspole
    October 11, 2019
    photo3 | Rhys Gower | Civic Relining

    Super fast response, problem identified and fixed on the spot with really clear communication throughout. Can’t fault the service or cost at all. Thanks v much Chris.

    - Rhys Gower
    October 11, 2019
    photo2 | Wayne Norwood | Civic Relining

    Great service, went above and beyond, very friendly, will call again

    - Wayne Norwood

    What We Guarantee

    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have always served to build customer trust by delivering what is demanded. We guarantee our customers with :

    Quality Material

    We use quality materials for drain pipe relining and repair so that you never face the same issue again.

    Free Quote

    You are under no obligation while checking our packages.

    Experienced Workmanship

    We always believe in utilising our extensive knowledge in sewer relining to your benefit.

    Clean Up After Work

    We consider it our duty to ensure the cleanliness of the place
    where we work.

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